Accident Investigation Calculator

Download the latest version (October 2022) of the Accident Investigation Calculator here: AICalculator.exe

PLEASE NOTE: This application was created for Windows 95, 98, and XP, using a version of Visual Basic that is no longer available nor has been supported for over 10 years. As such, the application will look dated and may have some layout issues on some displays. This Windows version is the only version available - it is not available for any other platforms or devices.

As with all executable file downloads, you will probably see a warning that downloading executeable files may be harmful. This executable is not harmful and has been checked for viruses before uploading.

The Calculator has being developed as an aid to the forensic investigation of accidents. No responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions. If you discover any, please email me about them. Any comments, adverse or otherwise would be welcome. While most input is validated, in some cases inappropriate input may cause the application to produce an error and close.

To run the Accident Investigation Calculator, simply download it using the link above, locate the AICalculator or AICalculator.exe file in your Downloads folder and double click it to start the application.

The following features are presently available: