Providing full consultation


The Civil Procedure Rules demand that the expert is provided with full instructions as to what is required of him. However, accident investigation is a highly specialised area of forensic science and it is not surprising that parties issuing instructions may not be aware of what evidence is needed by the expert and what he can and cannot do.


In order to work within the spirit of the Civil Procedure Rules, the following schedule will normally be adopted:


(a)     We shall perform a brief overview of the case to see whether we consider that our expertise is really needed. If not, we shall advise our client accordingly, make no charge and end our involvement there.


(b)     If it is agreed that we are needed, we shall perform a more detailed review setting out what work needs to be done, the likely fee and the possible outcome.


(c)     If final instructions are given and all relevant documents are supplied, we shall proceed to a full report. The report will normally be completed within four weeks from the receipt of final instructions.